Healthiest Fast Food UK

Use the advanced filters to find low calorie, high protein meals in your favourite restaurants and takeaways. You can also use these filters to find low carb takeaways, low fat meals at restaurants, and any other combinations you can think of.

Calories, Protein, Fat and Carbs in Fast Food, Takeaway Foods UK

Finding the nutrition information for restaurants is normally difficult, they seem to hide the calorie and macro content of their fast food away, and if you want to compare macro content between restaurants that is event harder.

Not anymore, with this website you can find the right fast food and restaurant meals that fit your macros.

High Protein Takeaway and Restaurants

With this website you can find the highest protein fast food and takeaways. Click the 🐔 to sort by highest protein. If you want you can then select a minimum or maximum calories to find the best IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) fast food.

Keto Takeaways and Restaurants

When following the keto diet you will be looking for low carb meals at UK restaurants. With the filters you can sort by lowest carb meals or use the advanced filters to set a maximum carb limit. Start by trying 2-5g carb filters per serving.

The database is growing constantly so check back for updates.